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Pratap Kondamoori
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Pratap Kondamoori is a seasoned entrepreneur, technology and business manager. In a collection of blogs and interviews, Pratap discusses his professional achievements, insights into his industry, and various difficulties he encountered throughout his career.

Pratap Kondamoori Business Advice

The Best Ways to Invest Your Money in 2020

A new year and new decade are upon us, bringing with them renewed optimism and hope for humanity and what the future might hold. Yet for all the promise of what tomorrow might ...

Man typing on laptop keyboard

How Technology Can Help Your Business Run Efficiently

At its absolute core, technology has one goal: to make our lives better — to entertain us, to help us stay connected, to increase our productivity ...

Pratap Kondamoori Tech and Business

How Technology Has Influenced Business Over the Last Decade

For almost as long as we have existed, technological advancements have happened alongside human evolution. Technology is ...